Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daddy and Jackson hanging out

This was last weekend, Daddy and Jackson hung out while I picked up around the house. I decided to stop and snap a few pics of my two main men. I love them both so much!! Steven is such a good Daddy!!

Saturday night photo shoot

Jackson has such a personality about him! This post is for my mom and sister mostly. He has a thousand faces that crack us up and these are just a few of them. Enjoy guys!

These are some of our favorite faces!

Boppa and Jackson finally meet!

Little Jackson finally met Boppa. He was three weeks old when my Dad finally got to meet him. Dad didn't hold him much- he thought he was going to hurt him. lol. I have another picture but it won't load for some reason. Anyway, it was so nice to see my Dad, it was only for 3 days but it is always nice to have family around. You don't realize how great you have it until you move away from it all.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jackson's two week pictures!

So my little man is already almost 3 weeks old but we took some pictures of him. He is so funny. He already has such a personality. He has a signature look. He winks. It cracks me up. He has had some really good nights of sleep and some not so good nights of sleep. Luckily through the worst of them my awesome mom and sister came down and they held him while I got some much needed sleep. My dad is here for a few days but I only have one picture and it isn't on the computer yet. I will post more as we take them!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Jackson James

Hip Hip Hooray!!! Jackson is here!! Amazingly enough my mom had me on my due date and I too had Jackson on his! August 4th at 8:47 pm our little bundle of joy arrived! He was a big baby, he weighed 8lbs 15.1 ounces and was 21 1/4 inches long! It all started on the 3rd, at 11:04 am I felt my first contraction, it wasn't very hard but I knew what it was. They were 20-40 minutes apart for most of the day, by the time Steven got off of work at around 5 pm they were 5-9 minutes apart. By 8pm they were finally 5 minutes apart for 2 hours and I could call the hospital to see if they had room. They told me to come on in so we did. They checked me but I was only dialated to 2 and much to my dismay they told me it could be another 20 hours at least so they sent me back home at 1:30 am. They gave me a shot that was supposed to stop the contractions...I wasn't happy about that. They did however tell me that if I were truly in labor that it wouldn't work and I would be back. Before we left the hospital I had had 18 contractions in 50 minutes. I was so uncomfortable and truly upset that I had to go home. Anyway, the shot didn't work. I breathed through contractions that were 3 minutes apart until 4 am. At that point I woke Steven up and said we are going back, call them and see if they will check me again. So he called and they said that if I hadn't made any progress that they were just going to send me back home. So I said a prayer and laid back down and breathed through contractions for another hour and a half. At 5:30 I said get up I can't do this any longer. He jumped up and we were off. When I got there they took me back and after 15 minutes they came in and checked me and I was dialated to a 3. Thank goodness!!! They finally admitted me and at about 11 am I got my epidural. What a life saver!! I felt like a new person! My mom and sister flew in at noon and were able to be there for the birth of Jackson. It was awesome. He is such a good baby!! We couldn't be happier. I can't believe we lived without him for so long. We love him to death.

9 months pregnant!

So I know this page is a litte late but I had to get it in here before I get to the best part of all of this. I swear I would look in the mirror and think I don't look THAT big so why do I feel so extremely huge?!?! That is...until I had Steven take this picture. Woah! Our eyes sure can deceive us!! So pardon the sloppy clothing, toward this time I seriously didn't care as long as I was comfortable. My poor husband!! He has been so awesome through the entire pregnancy...I honestly don't think he told me no one time when I asked for some help. He is such a great guy!