Monday, May 25, 2009

29 weeks 6 days!!

We are officially 2 weeks into our 3rd trimester and our 7th month! I was talking to our brother, Pat, the other day and he said, "Man, that went by quick!" and I replied, "yeah, easy for you to say!!" haha. But really looking back it has gone by rather quickly. This last trip to Arizona I pulled a ligament that runs from the bottom of the uterus up the entire side and now I have to wear a prenatal is the farthest thing from attractive. This little guy moves around so much. Every day Steven tells me that he is ready for him to be here already. My parent's bought us a crib and Steven was so proud after he put it together. We finally feel like we are starting to get it together and it is about time!! We have 71 days left if he comes on his due date. And for the most important news of all...drum role please...we think we have a name!!! Jackson James..little JJ. Steven called me from being TDY and said that he has decided on a name and that was it. I'm so glad. I'm so glad it isn't Primo or Mijo or any of those other crazy names he kept throwing at me. I will try to be better about blogging more often. Sorry it took so long to get all the updates in.

27 weeks 1 day

I have been slacking on taking belly pictures. Plus I haven't been able to find the charger for our camera battery. This picture isn't a very good one but it was all that the remaining battery on my camera would allow me to take. Sorry guys!

Surprises from Washington!

April 23rd I came home and found this green and white box on our door step and I was so excited to open it I just couldn't stand it. But it was from Steven's parents so I patiently waited until he got home from work to open it up. I told him he could open it if he wanted but he just had me do it anyway. The first thing we saw was this blanket that his mom crocheted for the baby.

It is so cute!! The little animals have floppy ears or dangling legs...the lion has a fringy mane. I love this blanket and it is big too! I tried to crochet once and I suck at it. I guess I have to give it another shot because I can't not be able to do it when it runs as such a great talent in his family! Here are a few more pictures that are close up of all the little animals.

Then after the excitement of the blanket there were outfits and other blankets as well. The little onsies with the puppies are so cute. There are three of them and they were one of Steven's favorites.

This was the last little guy in the box. This is a little hoodie that Steven's grandma crocheted for us. It is so soft. I hope it will fit him in the winter time. I love it!! It was such an awesome suprise! They didn't let us know it was coming it just showed up!

April in Arizona

Pullie Bo on her big day!

Weston's little one..isn't she so incredible cute!

I know how terrible I am at blogging!!! Sorry guys. Well I have some pictures from our trip in April, most are of BillieJo and Blake's wedding. So I am going to just put a few up. Steven thought it was so cool that our nephew wanted to chew on some hay but I somehow didnt' get a picture of them together. Here is one of Steven being Steven!! Oh how I love him! haha. Here is another picture of the nephews checking out the big airplanes that were flying over head. It was so much fun to be home. I only wish that we could have visited for longer than 4 days.