Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2. 8 weeks.

I just love this little outfit. The pants are courtesy of my mom. I took these today and I know they are a little excessive but what can I say I'm a pround mom. He is so darn cute I just can't help but take an overload of pictures!!! Enjoy my little man in his camo. Just a little side note in the 2nd and 3rd pictures he was following me up and down with his head...another little milestone.


Our precious little boy is 2 months old...holy cow where did the time go. It seems like just yesterday he was born. He is so much fun already!! He smiles all day long, he is such a happy baby. We are so thankful that he is such a mellow little man. He does tummy time almost every day and as soon as you lay him down he does a push up, and he almost rolled over yesterday!! He coos and talks to you with his eyebrows and other facial expressions. It is so much fun being a mom. (A little demanding at times, but fun all the same.) These are just a few pictures of him at 8 weeks.

Parenting Experiment # 159

So Jackson has been crying whenever Steven holds him : ( No matter what Steven tries Jackson just doesn't calm down until he gives him back to me...I feel really bad about it and I tried to tell him that it is because I am with him all day and he knows my smell. I told him that he could smell my milk...haha. Leave it to my hilarious husband to throw a twist on it. He said he doesn't like me. You are just telling me that to make me feel better, and I said I promise that is why. So Steven says take off your bra...I know...I was just as stunned as you are. Then he said take it off and let me put it on and maybe he will calm down. HAHA I laughed so hard watching him put it on!!!! It worked until Steven said in his little baby voice...oh you feeling better? Then Jackson looked up at him and busted out crying. I had a few seconds to grab the camera and snap a few shots. Oh how I love my husband...never a dull moment. ENJOY!!! (I did)

Jackson's Buddy was born

So Jackson's little buddy Ryder finally came. He is the total opposite he has a full head of dark hair and he is dark. Jackson on the other hand is very light and has hardly any hair. Compared to Ryder you could say Jackson is bald. We took a picture of the two little guys next to eachother, Jackson looks like a giant but you have to keep in mind that he has 7 weeks on Ryder. Here are two pictures of them hanging out.