Saturday, November 28, 2009

Washington Vacation!!!

So we are leaving for Washington in less than 24 hours!!! We have been waiting for this for so long. The house is mostly packed so that we can move out on the 12th of December, we are packed--it is amazing how different it is packing when you have a baby!!!! I promise to charge my battery this time so that I have more than 1 picture from vacation! I will post more once we get settled in to our new may take a little while. Bye for now!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Getting so big!!

big and strong just like daddy
Jackson doesn't look amused here. He is getting so big I can hardly believe it! He can almost sit up all by himself. He likes to sit by himself in the chair. He is crazy ticklish on his thighs, hip bones, belly, armpits, and neck. Basically all over. You don't even have to tickle just holding himcertain way makes him laugh. I love him so much! He has the best belly laugh of any baby!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 2, 2009


Bouganvillea Thorn

The house we are renting has two bouganvillea bushes out front. During the summer they grow like weeds...I actually think they are weeds, but that is just my opinion. So my amazing husband does the work on the outside and he never asks for help and I love him for that because I am not really a fan of pruning bushes. I love to garden but I am afraid I will butcher a bush so I stay away from that area. Anyway, last Sunday (11-8-09) I ran outside barefoot really quick. I thought I saw one of our old dogs...crazy I know but I went out barefoot and Steven accidentally missed one of the little branches that he trimmed and I stepped on it. If you aren't familiar with these bushes they have incredible long was like 1/2 an inch and it was stuck all the way in. I couldn't move to pull it out because the branch was kind of long. Steven came out and pulled it out for me and then the rest of the day it was so sensitive. I put a shoe on and pulled the laces really tight because it seemed to make it feel better. Well, Monday I could barely put pressure on it. I did some research online and I guess the thorns have toxins in them and some people had to have part of their legs removed because they got nasty infections from these thorns. So I watched it and Tuesday my joints in my foot were super tender to bend and I had a spot on the top of my foot that was warm to the touch and red about the size of a silver dollar. Steven was getting on me to go to the doctor so Wednesday I tried but it was Veteran's day so I went to Urgent Care and sure enough...I have an infection. So I have to take 10 days worth of a very strong antibiotic and I am not aloud to breastfeed :( I have to pump and dump. So I have a few pics of Jackson holding his own bottle!! He couldn't have regular formula it hurt his tummy to bad so we have him on soy. Stinky stuff!

3 1/2 months old

This post is more like a brag book. I took so many pictures
and I think his different expressions are so funny, like the one to the right here. He has creeper eyes. haha. There
is one below that he kind
of looks like a little turtle.
Sometimes I go a little
overboard but hey he is
my first baby so it is ok that I go overboard.

Jackson is such a ham. I love dressing him best friend Natalie got him this little outfit at my babyshower. I must say it was one of my favorites and I was so excited once it finally fit. It is 3-6 months but now it is almost too small for him. I had to get some pics of him in it. He has on little camo shoes my mom got darn cute!!!


So we were going to go to Arizona on the 14th (Wednesday) of October to the 29th...but Steven had that Monday off and we were laying in bed and he said, " Hey do you want me to take Tuesday off so we can suprise your parents a day early?" I was so excited after he said that!! It was an awesome plan! After he took Tuesday off it was Friday night and he said let's just leave Monday. And then the next morning he said want to leave Sunday? As you can probably guess I was sooo extremely excited! I couldn't keep the secret to myself and I needed someone in Az to know the plan just in case we needed their help to pull it off so I called my sis. Everyone goes to my parents house on Sundays for dinner so I figured it would be cool to suprise my brother and sister-in-law as well. It was his birthday after all...come to find out he had the flu so he wasn't there..anyway back to the story. We got everything ready Saturday night and then Steven tried to go to bed at about 8...I had to wait for Jackson and we got to bed at about midnight. The alarm went off at 2:20 am and we started to get ready for the 16 hour drive. We left the house at 3, we wanted to get as much of the trip done while Jackson was sleeping as possible. He did great. He started to get fussy at about Chandler/Mesa which is 45 minutes from my parents house. I called my mom when we where in passing Tempe town lake (40 minutes away) and asked her about her recipe for Chicken Noodle Soup and she gave me all of the specifics and then I asked what they where having and she said she was excited to see us in 3 days...haha she had no clue. When we got to Litchfield (15 minutes away) I called my mom's house to talk to my sister. I had to let her know we where on our way. Then she put my mom on the phone and I told her we got her a suprise and that Jackson couldn't wait any longer to give it to her and I told her a friend of mine was going to put it in her mailbox and that it might not fit so she needed to go out and get it in about 10 minutes. So my Mom and Dad, Brandy and her boys went out to wait for the gift to arrive and they were all looking the opposite direction and we started honking as we pulled up. My Dad and my Mom were looking at us like who is that and Brandy was jumping up and down with excitement and then it registered that it was us. My Mom's mouth dropped open and she instantly started crying. She said it was the best suprise ever. Dad was laughing really hard. They had no we started vacation with a bang.
We went to the Drapery Shop and visited Aunt Sandy, Uncle Ed, and Aunt MaryAnn. Then we went to lunch. We made tamales the day before we left. Oh and we also had a Wishart family reunion which was a lot of fun. The reason why I have to write this all out is because the entire time I was there I took one stinkin picture. My battery was dead and I kept forgetting to charge it. I was so mad at myself. My mom took a bunch so I am waiting patiently to receive those from her....but since I am at it I might as well show you all the one pic I took so here it is.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3 Months Old

Looking back at these past three months I jotted down some things that I love, that he loves, and just some random things about Jackson so far.

1. When he gets really angry he sounds like a little bobcat trying to roar.

2. He officially hates his carseat. The drive to and from AZ ruined him of that thing.

3. He has the most infectious smiles. (especially when all you see is his gums :D)

4. He is the happiest right after he wakes...usually.

5. I have almost gotten him to belly laugh at least 7 times but it just hasn't rolled over into that yet.

6. He wears mostly 3-6 month clothing but he does fit into many many 6-9 months stuff (he is supper tall.)

7. He loves falling asleep on my chest.

8. He holds onto the collar of your shirt if he falls asleep on you.

9. His favorite time is bath time but he hates lotion afterwards.

10. He notices his feet but doesn't grab them yet.

11. He rolls over and can almost roll back onto his tummy.

12. He smiles the biggest at Daddy.

13. I secretly love waking up to rock him back to sleep in the middle of the night. He usually gives me at least one chuckle while falling back to sleep.

14. He's a huge flirt.

15. I sing him to sleep often but the only song that works 9 times out of 10 is Silent Night.

16. He is the best thing that has every happened to us.