Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I am sorry to all of you, I have been horrible about blogging. Now that Jackson sleeps in his crib I have more spare time at night. So hopefully this won't happen again. I posted this after I caught up because I didn't want to apologize and then not catch everyone up. lol. So now that I have, I hope you enjoy looking back at our past few months. I hope to keep this up and keep everyone updated on Jackson's new discoveries and our successes. Take care. XOXO

I've got a headache!!

This post is mainly for my mom, sister, and brother. So when I was little my brother and sister used to rub their heads while saying," I've got a headache." They would do this only at dinner time when my hands where really messy. I would mock them with mashed potatoes or whatever else I had everywhere and I would say," I ya yah ya yah." My mom would get sooo ticked! Well, I tried to get my sister's oldest to do it. It didn't ever really catch on but she would always get really stern with me and say,"Just wait til you have kids I am going to make it so much worse!!" When we moved to Texas I believe I brought that up and laughed at her because there was no way she was going to be able to teach Jackson that. I must have intuitively genetically passed this on to him. Because without prompting he rubs his hands through his hair and all over his face. Pay back sucks.

This one just speaks for itself.


Poor little man. This was Monday night, the first night in his crib. Well, not the first but the first time we made him stay there all night. He cried and cried and I cried and cried. I think Steven may have cried a little too. I keep hearing that it needs to be done sooner than later. So after 20 minutes of screams he went silent and about a half hour later we went in there and this is how we found him. My heart breaks looking at this. It is now day 4 and he cried for about 10 minutes. The crazy thing is that he seems happier in the mornings (if that is possible) and I know I am feeling more and more refreshed every morning I actually have a pillow.

8 months old!!!

That face should be a crime. By the way everyone, Jackson began crawling 2 days into being 7 months old and now he tries to climb everything. He walks along no time he is going to be running. Which is kind of sad but kind of exciting as well. He has been teething and poor guy has been so sensitive lately. One tooth is popping through. You can't really see it yet but when he chomps on your nailbed you sure know it is there!

I love this one. He looks so innocent with those big blue eyes.
I don't know why but does every kid love the bathroom? If that door is not closed you can guarantee that is where Jackson is.

Aw I love my boys! Jackson and Dad, Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday sporting his linen jacket (which I couldn't resist and love!!) Steve hates it.
Bathtime....with DAD!!! The funnest bathtime for Jackson. Not only does he get bubbles but he gets a partner in crime. My floor in my bathroom is a pool after these two get out!!

Dad and Jackson splishin' and a splashin'
Jackson has discovered standing in the bathtub. I have to hold him down or else he is up. I feel like he is going to bust his butt any day now. I try to stop him but he has will power!! Let's just say bathtime is a lot shorter these days.

Handsome Devil!

April Trip to AZ

We were lucky enough to be able to fly back to Arizona for a week. It was nice to see all the family on my Dad's side. My cousin who is an awesome guy got married to the sweetest girl and they just found out the are pregnant!! It was so much fun. A lot of the family hadn't met Jackson yet and they all said they couldn't believe how big he is already. I can't believe that in just a few months he will be a year old. Where did the time go?

Thisis little man enjoying the reception at the wedding
I absolutely love this rocking chair. For as long as I can remember I have loved it. I believe it was my Grandma Wishart's chair and it seems like all of the grandkids love that thing. It was literally one of the first things Jackson had to climb up on.

Nani and J man rocking away.

Steve passed out after getting up at 4 in the morning
(2am AZ time)

Nani reading Jackson a book. It was soo much fun to go home and visit. It is so hard to say goodbye. As long as I don't talk when we say goodbye I can hold back the tears. As soon as I open my mouth the flood gates turn on. Oh Arizona how we will miss you. Til we meet again.

Flight to Arizona

This is Jackson's third time on an airplane but sadly only the first time I caught it on camera. He loves to fly and he is such a good baby. He only cried when he was hungry, and it was short lived. So here are two pictures to show our sweet boy and his scruffy but sweet Daddy.

Easter in Texas

One thing is for sure. Texas is beautiful in the Spring. There is no editing on the blue bells. They are so pretty. They grow wild on the side of the road everywhere!!! We had a really low key Easter this year. We celebrated with just the 3 of us. It was nice. A few days later we put Jackson in his Easter outfit and drove down the road to one of the thousands of blue bell patches and snapped a few pictures. I loved the old fence in the background with the all the growth up the stakes. Here are a few of the pictures we took of Jackson

Random 6-7 month pictures

He loves to swing like a monkey.

Jackson and Dad hanging out before church

Jackson at the park for the first time. He wasn't sure what to think of the grass between his toes.

He looks so old here!! He is 7 months here.

He looks so tiny here and he is only a month younger

The only thing Jackson likes more than bathtime is being naked after bathtime.

Little Stinker plotting his next move.

Jackson and I just hangin out.

Meet Jackson's Best Friend...

..1/2 Cup
So out of all of the toys Jackson owns, his favorite toy of all is my 1/2 cup measuring cup. Go figure. He talks to it and crawls around with it. Or he did anyway.

We wen to AZ in April and he lost it somewhere at Nani's house. RIP Half Cup.

Jackson discovering food.

This is on our balcony. I love that tree behind us. A couple times a week we go out and eat breakfast or lunch out there. Jackson was getting a little ansy while I was taking pictures...he wanted more food. He loves all kinds of baby food. Well, he doesn't like peas or peaches. He loves being outside and getting all messy with his food. His favorite is when his hand has food in it and he mushes it up until it starts to make squishy sounds in his hand. Boys are soo crazy!!
We apologize for the finger...he doesn't mean it.

My drooly blue eyed boy. He is soooo much fun. We just love his little personality. He is quite the character.
This is one of my absolute favorite pictures in the world. Aww he steals my heart all over again every time I see it.

He was soo mad at me here. I took his Biter Biscuit away from him because it was so small he was going to choke on it. Dirty little boy. Good thing he loves baths.

This is Jackson's signature pose. Everytime you feed him a bottle he throws his hand up over his eyes. Apparently he likes to eat in private.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Christmas in Texas

We had our own little Christmas in Texas. Since we celebrated mostly in WA, we exchanged one gift at home the rest were Jackson's. He loved laying under the Christmas tree and staring up at the lights. We had been in our new place for just a few weeks and luckily we got the tree up in time. Last year we didn't get a tree. It was nice having one again.

Cody Hayden and Tayte...

...Uncle Steve can walk on water!!!

Photo Shoot by the one and only Chelsea Bravo

Oh how we love Chelsea. We left our camera on the table and we received quite the treat!!! A photo shoot of the one and only Chel-C. She is so darn cute we just had to post this to show our love, dedication, and appreciation for such a show. Now not only have we seen the many sides of her but all of you can too. We only ask that you enjoy these as much as we did. Love ya sis. xoxo


Oh the fair lady.


You are beautiful. Seriously.

i love how she flashes the Peace sign at the end of the shoot.
The end