Monday, May 25, 2009

29 weeks 6 days!!

We are officially 2 weeks into our 3rd trimester and our 7th month! I was talking to our brother, Pat, the other day and he said, "Man, that went by quick!" and I replied, "yeah, easy for you to say!!" haha. But really looking back it has gone by rather quickly. This last trip to Arizona I pulled a ligament that runs from the bottom of the uterus up the entire side and now I have to wear a prenatal is the farthest thing from attractive. This little guy moves around so much. Every day Steven tells me that he is ready for him to be here already. My parent's bought us a crib and Steven was so proud after he put it together. We finally feel like we are starting to get it together and it is about time!! We have 71 days left if he comes on his due date. And for the most important news of all...drum role please...we think we have a name!!! Jackson James..little JJ. Steven called me from being TDY and said that he has decided on a name and that was it. I'm so glad. I'm so glad it isn't Primo or Mijo or any of those other crazy names he kept throwing at me. I will try to be better about blogging more often. Sorry it took so long to get all the updates in.


  1. Now you really need to capture the cradle in a picture. Love the update.

  2. On my goodness, only 10 weeks to go?! Sorry to hear about your pulled ligament. No fun. I love the name! Are you sure you don't like Johnny though? haha

  3. Yeah! I'm so excited for you!! Just wait til you're two weeks away from your due'll be soo ready to have the baby:) It's always so nice when you get to the third trimester--I love all the movements of the baby!

  4. oh little JJ. I LOVE it. So cute. :) I miss you!!!!!