Monday, May 25, 2009

Surprises from Washington!

April 23rd I came home and found this green and white box on our door step and I was so excited to open it I just couldn't stand it. But it was from Steven's parents so I patiently waited until he got home from work to open it up. I told him he could open it if he wanted but he just had me do it anyway. The first thing we saw was this blanket that his mom crocheted for the baby.

It is so cute!! The little animals have floppy ears or dangling legs...the lion has a fringy mane. I love this blanket and it is big too! I tried to crochet once and I suck at it. I guess I have to give it another shot because I can't not be able to do it when it runs as such a great talent in his family! Here are a few more pictures that are close up of all the little animals.

Then after the excitement of the blanket there were outfits and other blankets as well. The little onsies with the puppies are so cute. There are three of them and they were one of Steven's favorites.

This was the last little guy in the box. This is a little hoodie that Steven's grandma crocheted for us. It is so soft. I hope it will fit him in the winter time. I love it!! It was such an awesome suprise! They didn't let us know it was coming it just showed up!

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