Thursday, June 11, 2009


So a good friend of mine told me that she didn't get an epidural and that she did it all natural. I thought well dang if she can do it so can I!! So I have been researching and researching the pros and cons of the epidural and then today before I left for work I started having wanna be contracgtions...also known as Braxton Hicks. By the time I got to work I already wanted the epidural already! haha. So much for trying to do it the old fashion way! Forget that. I am totally getting pain meds...these already suck so bad I don't even want to know what the others feel like without the drugs!!!!! Just thought I would let you all know that I am a big pansy and pain meds are going to rock my world in about 7 weeks.


  1. Haha, good for you! I would totally opt for pain meds if I didn't have such fast labors. Why not, right?

  2. I say drugs all the way!!!!!!

    We finally found a house and move in on Thursday. WOO HOO!! We are homeless no longer. :) I MISS YOU!!!!!!

  3. you are funny. with kailey i went in thinking i was going to try and do it all natural. my sister does it that way so i figured that i could as well. WELL, as soon as the REAL pain hit i got drugs. i guess i am a wimp, but hey, at least i got to enjoy labor rather than being miserable.