Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Raining...It's Pouring.

The last three days have been so eventful! I am zonked, plus the weather is insane. It has been so crude outside, our poor dogs just realized that it will probably be a few more days before they are dry. Thankfully the greatest dad in the world built a shelter for them before he left and they are loving their little dry spot. So in the past 3 days it has been freezing and the rain has been non-stop. I thought someone was breaking in the other night but it was just the crazy wind and thunder. The rain is nothing like the rain in Arizona, usually the rain in AZ is kind of warm and the wind is warm too. Here in Texas the rain feels like ice cubes...especially when the hit the back of your neck! To top off the insane freeze of the rain the wind is quite crisp as well. It is okay though. We just get more time to snuggle : ) Here is a pic of the rain that was accidentally caught in our scorpion cup. Hope all is well. Stay warm!

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