Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bouganvillea Thorn

The house we are renting has two bouganvillea bushes out front. During the summer they grow like weeds...I actually think they are weeds, but that is just my opinion. So my amazing husband does the work on the outside and he never asks for help and I love him for that because I am not really a fan of pruning bushes. I love to garden but I am afraid I will butcher a bush so I stay away from that area. Anyway, last Sunday (11-8-09) I ran outside barefoot really quick. I thought I saw one of our old dogs...crazy I know but I went out barefoot and Steven accidentally missed one of the little branches that he trimmed and I stepped on it. If you aren't familiar with these bushes they have incredible long was like 1/2 an inch and it was stuck all the way in. I couldn't move to pull it out because the branch was kind of long. Steven came out and pulled it out for me and then the rest of the day it was so sensitive. I put a shoe on and pulled the laces really tight because it seemed to make it feel better. Well, Monday I could barely put pressure on it. I did some research online and I guess the thorns have toxins in them and some people had to have part of their legs removed because they got nasty infections from these thorns. So I watched it and Tuesday my joints in my foot were super tender to bend and I had a spot on the top of my foot that was warm to the touch and red about the size of a silver dollar. Steven was getting on me to go to the doctor so Wednesday I tried but it was Veteran's day so I went to Urgent Care and sure enough...I have an infection. So I have to take 10 days worth of a very strong antibiotic and I am not aloud to breastfeed :( I have to pump and dump. So I have a few pics of Jackson holding his own bottle!! He couldn't have regular formula it hurt his tummy to bad so we have him on soy. Stinky stuff!

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