Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've got a headache!!

This post is mainly for my mom, sister, and brother. So when I was little my brother and sister used to rub their heads while saying," I've got a headache." They would do this only at dinner time when my hands where really messy. I would mock them with mashed potatoes or whatever else I had everywhere and I would say," I ya yah ya yah." My mom would get sooo ticked! Well, I tried to get my sister's oldest to do it. It didn't ever really catch on but she would always get really stern with me and say,"Just wait til you have kids I am going to make it so much worse!!" When we moved to Texas I believe I brought that up and laughed at her because there was no way she was going to be able to teach Jackson that. I must have intuitively genetically passed this on to him. Because without prompting he rubs his hands through his hair and all over his face. Pay back sucks.

This one just speaks for itself.


  1. Yeah!! Pay back stinks!! Good boy, Jacks, tell that Momma how much of a headache you have!! Auntie Brandy will protect you!! Hey, Putt, I can read your future---I see for Christmas a large blow up ball pit. Wow! Oh wait . . . there is more . . .OH! 300 bright colorful plastic balls to go with it?! YUP 300 hundred bright, colorful, balls to go with that is for certain! Love ya Sissy!

  2. That very first photo - I swore that was a pic of Steve from when he was little! He's so cute! The smashing food won't end for a while - atleast it hasn't for Elli - she's entered the finger painting all over the dinner table stage with her food :)