Thursday, April 29, 2010

8 months old!!!

That face should be a crime. By the way everyone, Jackson began crawling 2 days into being 7 months old and now he tries to climb everything. He walks along no time he is going to be running. Which is kind of sad but kind of exciting as well. He has been teething and poor guy has been so sensitive lately. One tooth is popping through. You can't really see it yet but when he chomps on your nailbed you sure know it is there!

I love this one. He looks so innocent with those big blue eyes.
I don't know why but does every kid love the bathroom? If that door is not closed you can guarantee that is where Jackson is.

Aw I love my boys! Jackson and Dad, Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday sporting his linen jacket (which I couldn't resist and love!!) Steve hates it.
Bathtime....with DAD!!! The funnest bathtime for Jackson. Not only does he get bubbles but he gets a partner in crime. My floor in my bathroom is a pool after these two get out!!

Dad and Jackson splishin' and a splashin'
Jackson has discovered standing in the bathtub. I have to hold him down or else he is up. I feel like he is going to bust his butt any day now. I try to stop him but he has will power!! Let's just say bathtime is a lot shorter these days.

Handsome Devil!

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